About me/Sobre mí

I am a mommy of two, like many others moms I am trying my best at the role and big task of raising little people, focusing on them and the challenges of being a mom gets in the way of keeping my own essence, and as many of us we want to be the best version of ourselves FIRST in order to BE ABLE to guide someone ells, so this is IT, this blog is my journey, this blog is all about my lessons learned, my doubts, and me growing and sharing all my thoughts with you as a mom, as a woman and sometimes even as a lost child.

You have to know it has been and it is still a long process, just being away from my country of origin has come also with some other challenges in comparison to what it used to be “home” and not to imagine how hard it was to learn another language while having the birth preparation courses in THAT very same language…, learning to live in another culture and the simple fact of realizing you are on your own until you do you are actually not ;) .

I am really thankful for the people that have been there along the way and were in many different and difficult times of my life here or there, I have learnt a lot from you and I still have lots to learn. I considered myself a positive person and this is my way to share it with you, despite the downs that belong to life too, I get to share with you all, no matter where I am.


Just remember neither of us is alone and you too can reach and breath and enjoy the moment, remember a moment does never come back and this blog will also be a compilation of those moments so that my children get to see a bit of their childhood when they become adults and you and anyone who feels like it uses it to know that we are not alone, we moms, dads, we are all learning and hopefully enjoy this journey.

The most important thing for me is knowing that I have a reason for doing this which is: learning from my own mistakes so I don’t mess up at my most important role of all: being their mom. WHICH by the way I LOVE!!!

At the end it is all about doing whatever we do with LOVE.

Hope you enjoy reading and if you too want to share your experiences related to the subject please do so, or propose one, for any advices, aportes, críticas constructivas quedo a su disposición en contact me!

For avoidance of doubt please note that all the information provided within this blog: “www.love2betheirmom.com” (My Blog) is for information purposes only.

All the content of My Blog is based on my own personal experiences and thoughts at the moment and can be subject to change without previous notice and based on the circumstances life brings, therefore neither My Blog nor the author can be hold responsible for any damage caused herewith.

Thank you and I look forward to hear from you.

Kind Regards to all,


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